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System Specifications

Can be used with Tablets, Horizontal and
Vertical Packets

  • 1 AMP draw
  • Double Tray
  • Optional Filter
  • Patent Pending


Air filtration device with CLO2 gas. Please note that the Rhino CLO2 Gas Machine cannot be used with CLO2 products lower than 6 PH.
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Additional Information

    • Huge Air Filtration Volume from 600 CFM/HR
    • Four Direction Exhaust Venting and Higher
      Reduction of Particulates vs Competitors
    • Intelligent filter monitoring
    • Change Filter Indicator
    • Reduces spread of bacteria, viruses & germs
    • Positive effect on your health
    • Can help remove Inhalation allergies
    • Compact high performance mobile units
    • Hour Meter
    • Filters Smoke Residue, Pollutants,
      Dust & Allergens
    • Includes Pre Filter & HEPA Filter
    • Charcoal Filter Optional
    • Variable Speed

ASD The Rhino - CLO2 Gas is the perfect solution for clean air.

Introducing the Rhino CLO2 Gas Machine, your ultimate solution for effective disinfection and sanitation. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this innovative device harnesses the power of chlorine dioxide (CLO2) gas to eliminate harmful pathogens and bacteria from your environment.

Designed for efficiency and reliability, the Rhino CLO2 Gas Machine ensures thorough sterilization without the need for harsh chemicals or extensive manual labor. Simply load the machine with CLO2 products with a pH level of 6 or higher, and let it work its magic.

  • All Areas Covered

    The MEDI range has been developed for public spaces such as Hospitals, Care Homes, Pharmacies, Schools, Colleges, Clinics, Laboratories, Offices, or any indoor area.

  • Ultra Violet Technology

    The new MEDI range incorporates proven UV-C (Ultra Violet) Sterilisation Technology to kill or inactivate bacteria by disrupting their DNA to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses.

  • 24/7 Healthy Environment

    These powerful air cleaners are designed to run 24 / 7 to purify the air and create a healthy living environment, but they do not displace the need for essential sanitising and disinfecting of surfaces.