Stop breathing dust. Professional dust extraction on site and in the workshop

Professional dust extraction on site : 

In the field of dust filtration, MAXVAC Dustblockers, equipped with Alpaire filters, stand out as exemplary models of excellence. These innovative air purification systems are designed with a trio of specialized Alpaire filters, each meticulously crafted to capture dust particles of varying sizes. To ensure optimal performance and durability, understanding the unique purpose of each Alpaire filter and adhering to a proper replacement schedule is crucial.

Filter Overview:

G3 Filter - Pre-Filter: Serving as the outermost layer of defense, the Alpaire G3 filter is engineered to trap the majority of dust particles. Providing robust filtration, it is also a cost-effective option, making it an economical choice for frequent replacements. Under normal conditions, it is recommended to replace the Alpaire G3 filter every 1-2 weeks.

In environments such as construction sites, renovation projects, businesses, or industrial settings with standard dust levels, the Alpaire G3 filter proves to be a cost-effective solution, requiring regular replacements to maintain optimal performance.

G4 Filter - Front Filter: Following the Alpaire G3 filter is the Alpaire G4 filter, designed to capture smaller particles that may evade the coarse filtration of the G3. To maintain optimal performance, the Alpaire G4 filter should be replaced every 1-2 months.

In settings with finer particulate matter, such as workshops or manufacturing facilities within construction and industrial contexts, the Alpaire G4 filter plays a crucial role and necessitates a more regular replacement schedule.

HEPA Filter - Main Filter: At the core of the MAXVAC Dustblocker is the Alpaire HEPA filter, renowned for capturing the smallest particles and ensuring the cleanest air possible. This fine filter should be replaced approximately every 6-12 months.

In environments where air quality is of utmost importance, such as cleanrooms or laboratories within construction sites or industrial settings, the Alpaire HEPA filter ensures a meticulous filtration process, necessitating more frequent replacements.

Filter Change Schedule:

The recommended filter change schedule is vital for maintaining the efficiency of MAXVAC Dustblockers with Alpaire filters in various conditions:

Regular Conditions:

  • G3 filter: Replace every 1-2 weeks
  • G4 filter: Replace every 1-2 months
  • HEPA filter: Replace every 6-12 months

For optimal performance in settings with typical dust levels, such as construction sites, renovation projects, businesses, and industrial settings, this routine maintenance ensures consistent air quality.

Intense Dust Conditions:

  • G3 filter: Daily replacements may be necessary
  • G4 filter: Consider more frequent replacements, such as every 2-3 weeks
  • HEPA filter: Replace every 3-6 months

This proactive approach is essential for sustaining the Dustblocker's efficacy in challenging conditions, providing effective dust filtration for a healthier and cleaner indoor environment.


In conclusion, the MAXVAC Dustblocker, with its tri-layered filtration system featuring Alpaire filters, provides unparalleled protection against dust particles in both regular and intense conditions. Seamlessly integrating the recommended Alpaire filter change schedule into your maintenance routine is crucial for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of these air cleaner systems. Stay dust-free and breathe easy with MAXVAC Dustblockers and Alpaire filters!

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