Rumour has it that the world’s most expensive classic car, a Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut” Coupe, was bought at a secret auction for a record £115 million in May 2022.

Your pride and joy may not be worth quite that much, but it’s still an investment worth protecting, and that means keeping rust at bay.

You may think your car is safely tucked away in the garage, but when the temperature drops in the northern hemisphere, usually between October and March, rust rears its ugly head, attacking the metal and damaging your investment.

There is always moisture in the air, but when a snow-covered car is driven into the garage, the humidity rises massively, and that can spell disaster. It’s why some people argue that cars are better off outside in such conditions, although that, of course, is not a great idea for many other reasons.

The answer is to install a dehumidifier from Ecor Pro which will remove any excess moisture from the air, keep the humidity levels low and protect your car – classic or otherwise – along with anything else that you store in the garage.

As well as preventing rust, a dehumidifier will stop mould growing on damp surfaces, protecting stored garden umbrellas, chairs, recliners and the many other things we all keep in our unheated and often drafty garages.

When it comes to choosing a dehumidifier, Ecor Pro’s desiccant range is by far the best choice, as these models vastly outperform refrigerant dehumidifiers when the temperature drops. In cold weather, when refrigerant models become increasingly ineffective a desiccant machine will continue to do the job.


LoFlowAir dehumidifiers are not just for colder climates. Even in warmer parts of the world, moisture can form on surfaces that may not feel cold to the touch but are still relatively cold, such as a garage or basement, where moisture in the air will again begin to condense and turn back in to water.

LoFlowAir Dehumidifiers are also ahead of the competition when it comes to energy efficiency, an increasingly important consideration for anyone who cares about the environment or about their energy bills – and that’s all of us (with the possible exception of whoever spent £115 million on the Merc.).

The other benefit of a desiccant dehumidifier is that the moisture in the air is vented straight out of the building as a vapour, rather than being collected in the machine. There’s nothing to empty – and no chance of spillage.

The Ecor Pro range has a model to suit all sizes of garage. For a single garage we recommend the DH800 (EPD30), for a double garage the DH1200 (EPD 50) or for a larger space the DH2500 (EPD150)

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